Mantra of the Week: You can do anything for 10 seconds

This week's mantra was inspired by my binge watching of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Yep, you can read that last sentence again if you need... one of the shows revolved around the idea of working through things that don't always seem pleasant or helpful in the moment, but you know you need to get through it.

"You can do anything for 10 seconds."

This resonates with me on many levels, but the one that I applied to my personal running and yoga practice recently revolves around balancing my strengths and weaknesses. I've been reading THE WARRIOR ATHLETE by Dan Millman and he talks about setting your groundwork:

"No matter what you imagine your limitations to be- no matter what your body looks or feels like now, even if you've been in a slump for a year- if you're willing to undergo the initiation necessary to develop your talent, you will become a natural athlete. All the qualities are within you, they are native to you. In some areas, you may have to direct more energy and time than someone else in order to bring out the proper qualities, but you absolutely have the capacity to do it." ~Dan Millman

When I have a thought in my mind that tells me that I can't do something because I don't have the strength, I'm not flexible enough, or I don't have the coordination, I have to then realize that, oh, wait, I can can do anything for 10 seconds." I can do speed work for 10 seconds. I can try to do a handstand for 10 seconds. I can core strength for 10 seconds... and then, I can do it for another 10 seconds, and then another 10 seconds, then another. All of a sudden, my "weaknesses" are no longer my excuse. Rather than just "trying" something, I will DO something for 10 seconds. If this resonates with you, try it in your practice this week.

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