Mantra of the week: It’s OK to PAUSE

When I first started to run, I felt like I couldn’t stop or it would be a sign that I was giving up. The same thing as true of my yoga practice; if I went to child’s pose, I felt like I wasn’t strong enough for the class. Now I feel a lot differently. Now I realize that when I pause and take the time to really appreciate where I am, it’s such a different experience. There are times in our lives when we are looking so far forward towards this goal or path, that we miss the great sights around us. This week, let it be ok to stop during your run and take a photo of something inspiring and beautiful. While you are work, it’s good to push back your chair and take 10 long slow breaths to appreciate where you are in life. And when you are on your mat, smile while you are in a challenging pose and really acknowledge what it took to get yourself to that moment. Even if that means you come to child’s pose. Let it be OK to pause.

Run. Yoga. Be.

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