Mantra of the week: Be Careful of the Messaging You Bring on the Mat

There has been no short of messaging and ads with the Super Bowl this past week. I’m fully aware of what each company wants me to feel or think when it comes to their products. Many media critics talked about how this year’s ads were going to be less somber or incorporate more celebrities, but the reality is they are still trying to sell you something. When you step on the mat, be careful of what messaging follows you. You don’t have to “attain” anything from yoga. You don’t have to look a particular way or have on a specific brand of clothing. That’s what is amazing about yoga when you are truly doing it for you; for your body and mind. Be careful of what thoughts arise about yourself and what you think you should be accomplishing on the mat. They might not be your thoughts, but messaging that is coming from other sources. Yoga, like all other things in our lives, is what you make of it. If you need it for exercise, let it be that. But don’t get frustrated when you can’t get that sweat you wanted. If you are seeking a more meditative practice from yoga, great, but don’t be hard on yourself when you have days that you can’t stop thinking about work the whole practice. It happens. If you do yoga for the community and social aspect, be ok when people move to different cites and there is a shift in the social dynamic you are used to. Know what you need from your practice and make sure it’s for you and not someone else’s expectations. The yoga practice is yours and yours alone.

Run. Yoga. Be.

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