Mantra of the week: WAKE UP

We have have patterns and habits that we settle into every day, week and month. In so many ways, those patterns are helpful for us. They allow us to be consistent in our lives and know what to expect next. But there are times we get lazy and numb to those patterns.

The rest of this week, make it your mantra to WAKE UP and see the subtleties of your life that are beautiful and inspiring. Rather than starting your run or yoga class expecting the same thing out of it, tune in to the nuances of what can make it just a little more interesting. This is a key to living in the moment and appreciating what is around you. When you get out of bed, find excitement in the rain or snow falling outside and how that will change the routine just in the way you perceive what is about to happen. Don't get stuck in the thoughts of how it might just be another run, the same distance, the same soaked shoes when you get back.

Life is the act of living! Enjoy that process.

Run. Yoga. Be.

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