Mantra of the week: Watch Your Mind

Thoughts are powerful things. We can go through hundreds of them every minute. The most challenging thing is to make sure you don’t get caught in those thoughts. Notice which one’s give you courage, strengthen and empower you. HOLD ON TO THOSE. Notice which one’s make you question yourself, leave you feeling demoralized or powerless. LET GO OF THOSE. The amazing power of running and yoga is that they are both avenues for us to tune into our mind-body connection. They allow us to find a moving meditation and work through those hundreds of thoughts we can go through every minute. If you have ever found yourself really sitting into a run and noticed the deep calm quietness of your mind, you know what I’m talking about. If you have ever moved with your breath through sun salutations and felt the ease of letting thoughts drift pass past without judgment, you know what I’m talking about. Moving meditations are powerful tools to listen to ourselves and notice when we need let go of thoughts that are not serving us. This week, watch your mind and notice what thoughts arise. Be diligent to let go of the ones that are impeding your path and hold on to the ones that guide you on your journey.

Run. Yoga. Be.

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you As much as your own thoughts unguarded” ~Dhammapada

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