Mantra of the week: Fly into the New Year

Find a sense of excitement as you fly into the New Year. Many of us are recommitting ourselves to our practice that we let go of or felt there was not enough time for. This is a great time to set new intentions for yourself. The only challenge is that sometimes this comes with a sense of possible failure if too specific of goals or intentions are set. Try to approach your intentions with excitement and fun, after all they are meant to help you move forward and allow you to be the best you.

The New Year is great because it gives us a “start” date. Having a “start” date to intentions is powerful because it allows us to let go of what has happened in the past and focus on what is now. So fly into the New Year with a positive attitude and set intentions that allow you to move into a space of self care and compassion for what is now.

Happy 2016

Run. Yoga. Be.

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