Mantra for the week: Consciously Consume

It is important to be aware of what is fueling you and driving you through your day. We all have habits that somehow have become our everyday norm, whether they are healthy for us or not. This week, think about your food and beverage consumption. Making a correlation between what you are eating and drinking throughout the day and how that does or doesn't fuel you is really important. Try to cut out sugary drinks and add in bright colored vegetables as a start. Springtime will bring about a desire to eat less dense foods. Listen to that and start to substitute the dense root vegetables for ones that have higher water content like cucumbers, celery and the leafy greens (ie. chard, kale, bok choy). Yum.

Don't forget your local farmer's markets. They are great places to get a variety of produce and know it was all picked within the last couple of days. Always important. Enjoy your conscious consuming!

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