Mantra for the week: Drishti (gazing point)

I have been reminded lately, on more than one occasion, to keep thinking of where my drishti is, both on and off my yoga mat. The New Year holds a lot of excitement and vigor of what is to come next. Make sure that you are able to see yourself moving forward, not looking down or behind you. Think about the exciting things that lay ahead in the next day and weeks, instead of projecting yourself so far forward in time that it feels daunting and overwhelming. And then smile, because what ever you see in front of you is beautiful and inspiring. Sometimes it might just take a moment to see it.

”The practice of drishti yoga [meditation upon the Inner Light] calls for utmost devoutness and tenacity of purpose. The practitioner who assiduously and patiently practices this meditation will discover that the fickleness or unsteadiness of their concentration gradually ceases and their mind becomes tranquil. It is thus that they shall, with the piercing thrust of their focused gaze, be able to break open the ‘tila dwara’ (the Third Eye).

-Swami Achyutanand Baba (Source: santmat)

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