About Nicole


Yoga is an amazing tool that allows practitioners to find healing and strength both on and off their yoga mats. I have been committed to practicing and teaching yoga since 1999 with this mindset. I've has alopecia since I was 5 years old and when I started yoga I really felt like I was confident in my own body. 


As a devoted runner, I began practicing yoga in Santa Barbara, California as a way to supplement my marathon training. Almost immediately, I recognized that the time spent on the mat and with others in the yoga community were invaluable aspects of my life and committed to a daily practice. Since I started, I've trained with senior teachers all over the world and weave in my trainings from the practices of Ashtanga and BKS Iyengar based teachings. 


My overall intention for a lead class is to create an environment in which my students are able to discover something new about themselves through physical movement, connection to breath and clarity of mind. It is vital for me to teach every student, as they are, when they walk onto their mats. My classes are meant to create a sense of flow, while still instructing with the mindfulness of alignment connecting each student with their body and breath.


I look forward to having you in class.  



"Yoga doesn't take time, it gives time."

~Ganga White